Public programme evaluation studies

Since 1999, the OFDT has been evaluating drug-related public policy. The studies conducted are of themes that are of particular interest for current public policy strategies or "key" measures or programmes, or of areas that present an approach to assessing the plans of the French government.

Until now, the work performed has been on a variety of subjects, such as: treatment; prisoner treatment; counselling clinics for young users (CJC); opioid substitution treatments (OST); Harm Reduction (HR); prevention; law enforcement and the penal response; governmental policy evaluation.


The evolution of population attending youth addiction outpatient clinic (CJC’s) 2014-2015
Tendances N° 107, March 2016

Opioid substitution treatments in France: recent data
Tendances N° 94, October 2014

The French penal response to driving under influence (of alcohol or other drugs)
Tendances N° 91, December 2013

The ban on sales of alcohol and tobacco to minors
Tendances N° 87, September 2013

Awareness courses on the dangers of drug and alcohol use
Tendances N° 81, June 2012

The criminalization of drug use in France
Tendances N° 72, October 2010

Three-year assessment of the counselling cannabis clinics for young users (2005-2007)
Tendances N° 63, December 2008

The initial prescription of methadone in health establishments
Tendances N° 60, April 2008

Substitution and reincarceration - Elements for an analysis of a complex relationship
Tendances N° 57, December 2007

Initial assessment of outpatient visits to the cannabis abuse clinics
Tendances N° 50, September 2006

Excessive use of alcohol and local medical practice - The promotion of early detection and short-term intervention (RPIB)
Tendances N° 47, March 2006

Implementation of the Evin Law in schools : initial survey results
Tendances N° 21, May 2002

Trends in the care of drug addicts - Survey among general practitioners in 2001 and comparison 92-95-98-2001
Tendances N° 20, March 2002

Drugs in Europe

2021 EMCDDA European Drug Report

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting drug use, supply and services?
Drug use and harms
What are the health costs of drug use in Europe today?
Drug markets
What do the latest data tell us about drug production and trafficking trends?

These and other questions are explored in the 2021 European Drug Report, our annual overview of the drug situation in Europe.

  Statistical Bulletin 2021

The annual Statistical Bulletin contains the most recent available data on the drug situation in Europe provided by the Member States. These datasets underpin the analysis presented in the European Drug Report. All data may be viewed interactively on screen and downloaded in Excel format..

The European Union and the drug phenomenon

miniFAQDrugsEurope.jpgThe European Union & the drug phenomenon : Frequently asked questions, joint publication between the EMCDDA and the European Commission, october 2010, 12 p.