Health Barometer

Since the early 90s, the INPES (French National Institute for Prevention and Health Education), has been conducting, in cooperation with many institutions, a series of surveys which examine the various behaviours and attitudes that the French have regarding health. The health barometer is a telephone health survey of a representative sample of the population of mainland France: nearly 15,700 individuals aged 15 to 85 years took part in the 2014 edition. Conducted from 11 December 2013 to 31 May 2014, this survey was the most recent in a series of five, entitled, "Adult health barometers", conducted in 1992, 1993, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010. The survey collects information on various health behaviours and attitudes among French people (such as those pertaining to the use of treatments, depression, vaccination, screening practices, physical activity, violence and sexuality). The survey also broaches the subject of legal and illegal drug use using a specific questionnaire designed in partnership with the OFDT, which exploits the data in cooperation with the INPES.


Levels of drug use in France in 2014
Tendances n° 99, March 2015

Gambling prevalence and practices in France in 2010
Tendances n° 77, September 2011

Levels of drug use in France in 2010
Tendances N° 76, June 2011

Drug usage levels in France in 2005 - An analysis of the data from the 2005 Health Barometer, relating to psychoactive substance use practices among the adult population
Tendances N° 48, May 2006

Adults and drugs: levels of use and recent trends
Tendances N° 30, June 2003





Drugs in Europe

2018 EMCDDA European Drug Report

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  Country drug reports 2017

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The European Union and the drug phenomenon

miniFAQDrugsEurope.jpgThe European Union & the drug phenomenon : Frequently asked questions, joint publication between the EMCDDA and the European Commission, october 2010, 12 p.