Telephone survey for information about electronic cigarette

Heavily involved in observing tobacco-related issues, the OFDT wanted to rapidly provide the public authorities and interested professionals with a reliable, initial estimate on the extent of the phenomenon. A survey on electronic cigarettes was conducted in late 2013, a period during which sales of tobacco by the French tobacconist‘s network and sales of treatments to help quit tobacco use were dropping.

This survey was conducted from 12 to 18 November 2013 among a sample of 2,052 individuals aged 15 to 75 years living in Metropolitan France (excluding Corsica). The survey was conducted using a database of randomised land lines stratified by region and community category. The sample selected from this database was created using the quota sampling method (gender, age category and SPC) and was called and interviewed over a one-week period. The results were weighted with the latest INSEE data.


Results of the ETINCEL - OFDT electronic cigarette survey : Prevalence, purchase and use behaviours, reasons for using electronic cigarettes
Brief, February 2014











Drugs in Europe

2019 EMCDDA European Drug Report

miniEDR2019s.jpgWhat do the latest data tell us about the European drug market? What are the new trends in drug use among European adults and school students? What are the harms associated with drug use and what is being done to counter them? These and other questions are explored in the 2019 EMCDDA European Drug Report.

  Country drug reports 2019

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The European Union and the drug phenomenon

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