Survey on Health and Use on National Defence and Citizenship Day

Originally conducted on an annual basis from 2000 to 2003, the ESCAPAD survey has been organised on a triennial basis since 2005. It takes place on the National Defence and Citizenship Day (JDC), which has existed since obligatory military service was eliminated in France. Young people participating in a JDC session fill out an anonymous, self-administered questionnaire about their use of legal or illegal psychoactive substances and their health and lifestyle. This is an exhaustive sample.

In 2017, all national armed services centres in mainland France and in overseas French departments were mobilized for a week in April. A total of 43,892 individuals were surveyed and 39,115 questionnaires were analysed in mainland France. These teenagers, mostly aged 17, have the French nationality and are mostly still in school or apprenticeship. On a given day, JDC participation is 90%, but the coverage rate is much higher (people can be summoned on different days because participation is quasi-compulsory to be allowed to register later on for examinations such as university diplomas and the driver licence).


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