Cannabis use in the French adult population in 2021



Tendances n° 153, OFDT, 4 p.
December 2022

In 2021, the Health Barometer survey conducted by Santé publique France questioned 23 661 adults about their cannabis use. Almost half of them (47.3%) said they had smoked cannabis at least once in their life. While the share of annual users in 2021 (10.6%) has remained stable since 2017, use in the last month, whether regular (3.0%) or daily (1.7%), is down, a decrease mainly driven by the youngest (18-34 years old). Men were more likely than women to report cannabis use, especially as the frequency of use increases. In addition, the 2021 data confirm a heterogeneous geographical distribution in France, where a North-South divide is still emerging, with higher consumption in regions south of the Loire. The overseas territories continue to show lower levels than in mainland France.

Authors : OlivierLe Nézet, Stanislas Spilka (OFDT), Emmanuel Lahaie, Rapahël Andler (Santé publique France)

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