RECAP/TDI data collection

The common data collection on addictions and treatments (RECAP) is an ongoing collection of data on patients seeking help from facilities and professionals providing specific care for drug users.

Set up in 2005 by the OFDT, the RECAP survey is an exhaustive annual data collection of patients seeking help from specialised drug treatment centres (CSAPA). It is based on the information systems in place in the specialised facilities (reception forms, computerised management of patient files) and on a common, anonymous questionnaire containing information about patients (socio-demographic data, substances, and behavioural addiction linked to treatment, length of time in treatment, etc.).


RECAP is an adaptation to the French situation of the EMCDDA’s European protocol for recording requests for treatment (TDI or Treatment Demand Indicator). The TDI is one of five key epidemiological indicators which provide a common European methodology for collecting and reporting core data on the number and profiles of those entering specialised drug treatment each year.


RECAP data collection uses the information systems developed by the centres to manage the administrative and medical records of the patients they care for. Before RECAP could be implemented, the software and reception forms used by the various facilities had to be adapted. The anonymous data on the patients in contact with the facility during the year are exported once the year is over to a file to be sent to the OFDT.

The OFDT prepares a national summary based on these data, as well as a sheet for each respondent facility, enabling key indicators for the centre to be compared with those for the whole of France (on patient characteristics only).


The CSAPAs send their data to the OFDT every year.

The annual EMCDDA Statistical Bulletin contains the most recent available data on the drug situation in Europe provided by national partners. Information on the number of people entering treatment for a drug problem in France and in Europe is available online.