Users, markets and psychoactive substances: recent developments (2018-2019)



Tendances n° 136, OFDT, 8 p.
December 2019

Since 1999, the Emerging Trends and New Drugs (TREND) unit of the French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT) has been monitoring emerging trends and phenomena in the field of drugs. It focuses on populations that mostly consume psychoactive substances and is based on qualitative data collected by the network of TREND sites located in eight metropolitan areas.

The developments observed in 2018 confirm those highlighted in previous years. With regard to users, the living conditions of the most marginalised are deteriorating, as observed cyclically, especially in the case of young people and/or migrants. Some networks are rationalising their activities by adopting the organisational methods of traditional companies: marketing strategies, reducing stock, making the workforce more flexible, etc. At the same time, the diversity of available products is steadily rising and consumption of substances previously confined to certain environments (ketamine, GHB-GBL, nitrous oxide) is expanding.

Authors : Clément Gérome, Agnès Cadet-Taïrou, Michel Gandilhon, Maitena Milhet, Victor Detrez, Magali Martinez

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