Valérie Ulrich

Head of scientific unit - FOCUS 
Analysis and support for public policy

Valérie Ulrich has a doctorate in labour economics and specialises in promoting and developing research in the humanities and social sciences. 

She has held various positions in the statistical departments of the social ministries and, over the last ten years, has been in charge of the Research Mission within the Directorate for Research, Studies, Assessment and Statistics (DREES). 

She was also responsible for overseeing the National Suicide Observatory, which aims to shed light on suicidal behaviour for its members, as well as professionals and associations in the field. She has supervised and coordinated studies based on a variety of methodologies and disciplines. 

She is interested in psychological and social vulnerabilities in the life course, in particular mental health issues linked to working and living conditions, and the responses provided. As head of the FOCUS unit, she is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and promoting the scientific value of the studies carried out by the team. 

She ensures that the unit’s work programme is achieved and relays information to management and external partners.