Stanislas Spilka

Head of scientific unit - DATA
Monitoring, gathering, and developing data sets on drugs and addictive behaviour

Stanislas Spilka is a statistician who has been in charge of the OFDT’s general population surveys for 15 years. Principal investigator for France of the ESPAD survey (European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs), he is a member of the Steering Committee of the ESPAD group. 

He is also an associate researcher at the Centre de recherche en épidémiologie et santé des population (CESP, Faculty of Medicine, Paris Sud university) and France’s expert advisor to the Pompidou group (Council of Europe) on the Mediterranean School Project on Alcohol and other Drugs. 

After being head of the OFDT’s Surveys and Statistical Analysis unit, he has been head of the DATA scientific unit since April 2020, and is a member of the OFDT’s management committee. 

He is responsible for the scientific conduct and coherence of the studies carried out by the unit within the schedule (supervision, methodological control, monitoring, and validation of surveys and reports). He also coordinates external partnerships and contributes to thematic monitoring in his field of activity.