Cristina Díaz Gómez

Research Administration Officer 
Management of the Gambling Fund - Addiction Fund - Development of scientific partnerships

Cristina Díaz Gómez has a degree in clinical research methods from the Institut de santé publique, d'épidémiologie et de développement (ISPED-Bordeaux university. She also holds a diploma in health economics and a Master 2 in Methodology and Statistics in Biomedical Translation (Paris-Saclay university). She specialises in intervention research in public health.

At the OFDT, she was head of the Public Policy Evaluation Unit from 2003 to 2020, and has conducted and coordinated a number of social science studies dedicated to evaluating public responses to drug and addictive behaviour.

She is currently in charge of Research Administration at the general secretariat. In this role, she is mainly responsible for managing and monitoring the scientific partnerships set up by the OFDT, in particular via funding from the Gambling Fund (created in 2020) and the Fund for Combating Addiction to Psychoactive Substances (Addiction Fund). 

She is responsible for preparing for the implementation of the Gambling Fund and ensuring that research is this area is properly conducted. She works in collaboration with the scientific units and participates in carrying out studies as part of the work programme. 

She also helps to strengthen the OFDT's working and research partnerships (provision of databases, partnerships for secondary analyses, etc.).