The initial national results of the RECAP survey


The initial national results of the RECAP survey

Tendances n° 54, OFDT, 4 p.
June 2007

The data presented in this issue of Tendances have been collected as part of the RECAP survey (Recueil commun sur les addictions et les prises en charges/ Joint Report on Drug Addiction and Drug Treatment) carried out in 2005 at a national level for the first time. These concern the characteristics of patients welcomed that particular year in specialised drug-treatment centres (CSSTs) and alcohol treatment centres (CCAAs).
In 2005, the patient types welcomed by the CCAAs were far more uniform than those seen by the CSSTs. For a long while now, the latter have dealt with patients involved in polydruguse and consequently in a wide range of consumption practices, which require lengthy descriptions. As a result, the description of patients experiencing difficulty with alcohol received by the CCAAs takes up less space in this report.

Authors :
Christophe Palle, Laure Vaissade

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