Tobacco smoking and tobacco cessation in 2018



Memo, OFDT, 4 p.
April 2019

In the wake of the 2017 findings, the year 2018 was marked by a sharp decline in cigarette and of roll-your-own tobacco sales in France’s tobacconist network. However, a slight increase in other types of tobacco, less heavily taxed, can be seen, together with a likely increase in cross-border purchases.
In addition, all indicators related to quitting smoking are noticeably on the up, even more so than in 2017. Sales of treatments to help people quit smoking are at an all-time high, boosted by the implementation during the year of the systematic and non-capped reimbursement of prescribed tobacco cessation treatments. Moreover, use of the Tobacco Information Service telephone helpline/website continues to intensify and the third edition of #MoisSansTabac has confirmed the operation’s status as a highlight for smoking cessation among French smokers.

Author : Aurélie Lermenier-Jeannet

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