Drugs, Key Data 2008



OFDT, 6 p.
December 2007

In France, the Interministerial mission for the fight against drugs and drug addiction (MILDT - Mission Interministérielle de Lutte contre la Drogue et la Toxicomanie) is responsible for co-ordinating government action in the domain of prevention, health and social care, law enforcement, training, communication, research and international exchanges; the MILDT reports to the Prime Minister.
The MILDT's field of action today covers all illegal drugs in addition to alcohol and tobacco abuse and addiction.
In order to have access to reliable data and the clearest possible overview of consumption levels, treatments, health-related or social consequences and trafficking, the MILDT draws heavily upon the work carried out and the data gathered by a public interest group, the French monitoring centre for drugs and drugs addiction (OFDT - Observatoire français des drogues et des toxicomanies).
This document, produced by the OFDT, provides the most recent and relevant figures in order to measure drug-related phenomena.
The first part gives the framework data and definitions concerning the number of users for each of the various substances. Key data is then presented for each substance in turn.

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