November 2014


The new site

A new version of the OFDT website has just gone live. This is the fruit of efforts in-house involving the OFDT's Scientific Committee as well as external partners. The brand new website has been designed to improve access to information through enhanced dynamism and readability. Moreover, the website is also better adapted to new media devices such as tablets and smartphones, rendering it even more accessible.

A more readable, more dynamic site

Without completely overhauling the architecture and content of the website, the navigation was reworked so as to facilitate the identification ot the various types of information available on the site.
The home page, available in both French and English, makes way for additional news updates.
Through a RSS feed, the OFDT's website provides up-to-date news in the French field of drugs and drug addiction.

A site more in tune with mobile media and social networks

The site has received a complete makeover rendering the whole more subtle and refined. It is now, not only more responsive but adapts better to computer screens, tablets and smartphones alike.
Finally, the OFDT, which is already very present on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, now offers visitors the possibility to share information of interest to them via the share menu made available on each page of the website.

A more accessible site

The website is also now more accessible to people with disabilities. The font can be enlarged, there is replacement text for informational images, and there are also avoidance links to facilitate navigation for those equipped with screen voice readers.

It is also our aim to render our information more accessible to our international partners. Therefore, over the next few months, the OFDT will continue to enrich its website’s English language section and improve access to its research through enhanced graphics.

We hope that this new and improved version of and the recent launch of the OFDT's latest newsletter, which includes the latest updates, will meet your expectations. We also hope that your browsing will continue to be an enjoyable and informative experience.

François Beck
OFDT Director

Drugs in Europe

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The European Union and the drug phenomenon

The European Union & the drug phenomenon : Frequently asked questions , joint publication between the EMCDDA and the European Commission, october 2010, 12 p.