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Two new opioïds under control across the EU

28.09.2018 - two fentanyl-related substances, cyclopropylfentanyl and methoxyacetylfentanyl, have been placed under control across the EU.

New psychoactive substances in prison

07.06.2018 - Preliminary analysis of a ‘trendspotter’ study carried out by the EMCDDA in 2017.

Drug-related homicide in Europe

25.05.2018 - The EMCDDA releases a paper providing an overview of the information available on drug-related homicide (DRH) in Europe.

Cannabis and driving : briefing for policy making

23.05.2018 - This briefing aims to provide those concerned with policy in this field.

Two cannabinoids under control in the EU

14.05.2018 - the Council of the EU has decided to subject ADB-CHMINACA and CUMYL-4CN-BINACA to control measures.

Wastewater analysis in 56 european towns

07.03.2018 - Findings of the largest European project to date presented today by the Europe-wide SCORE group, in association with the EMCDDA.

EMCDDA-Europol Joint Reports on 2 new opioids

28.02.2018 - See the joint reports published on cyclopropylfentanyl and on methoxyacetylfentanyl in accordance with Article 5 of the EU Council Decision 2005/387/JHA.

Drug supply monitoring

07.12.2017 - The EMCDDA presents in a new paper its current thinking on the conceptual framework for monitoring drug markets, crime and supply reduction.

Drugs and the darknet

28.11.2017 - The EMCDDA and Europol present the latest understanding of how darknet markets function, the threats they pose to health and security and how Europe can respond.

Drug testing in schools

22.11.2017 - This EMCDDA paper (17 p.) evaluates the effectiveness of random testing in schools, based on studies conducted students aged 13 to 19 years, in the United States.

Furanylfentanyl under control across the EU

15.11.2017 - the EU has decided to subject the new synthetic opioid to control measures. Member States will have one year to introduce them into national legislation.

EMCDDA-Europol Joint Report on carfentanyl

13.11.2017 - See the joint report published by the 2 organizations in accordance with Article 5 of the EU Council Decision 2005/387/JHA.

Drugs in Europe

2018 EMCDDA European Drug Report

EDR2018web.jpgWhat do the latest data tell us about the European drug market? What are the new trends in drug use among European adults and school students? What are the harms associated with drug use and what is being done to counter them? These and other questions are explored in the 2018 EMCDDA European Drug Report.

  Country drug reports 2017

miniCountryProfiles.jpgDeveloped by the EMCDDA, in cooperation with the Reitox national focal points, these graphic-rich reports cover: drug use and public health problems; drug policy and responses and drug supply.

The European Union and the drug phenomenon

miniFAQDrugsEurope.jpgThe European Union & the drug phenomenon : Frequently asked questions, joint publication between the EMCDDA and the European Commission, october 2010, 12 p.