National Detection System of Drugs and Toxic Substances

The SINTES scheme is intended to document the toxicological composition of illegal substances in circulation in France. The information incorporated in this system comes from two sources:

  • the submission to the OFDT of the results of toxicology tests performed on seizures by law enforcement laboratories (French National Forensic Science Institute, Forensic Sciences Institute of the French gendarmerie and Customs laboratories)
  • investigations conducted by the OFDT on samples of substances obtained directly from users. These collections are governed by a strict regulatory framework and obtained by specifically trained survey workers.


New psychoactive substances and the Internet: current situations and issues
Tendances n° 84, January 2013

Recent information on the synthetic drugs circulating in France
Tendances N° 34, February 2004

Ecstasy and other synthetic products in France: situation portrayed by the SINTES facility, 1999-2002
Tendances N° 32, September 2003

Drugs in Europe

2016 EMCDDA European Drug Report

- Drug facts, figures and analyses: across Europe and by country
- Latest trends and legal, political and social responses
- Selected issues: Vulnerable groups of young people; National drug-related research in Europe; Towards a better understanding of drug-related public expenditure in Europe

Country situation summaries

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) website has a concise overview for each EU Member State on their national drug situation, as well as legal texts in their original formats, an indispensable tool for monitoring and analysing legislative developments in the Member States.

The European Union and the drug phenomenon

The European Union & the drug phenomenon : Frequently asked questions , joint publication between the EMCDDA and the European Commission, october 2010, 12 p.